Tourism Boost For Brazil

Tourism Boost For BrazilThe confederations cup brought Brazil a large amount of tourism money over the 15 days competition. The competition was always bound to bring money to the country but with the unrest the country is having about the cost of the FIFA World Cup it was more than welcomed that they earned a bit of revenue from this competition. 13,579 tickets were sold to foreigners and 111,569 to Brazilians despite ticket sales a large proportion of the money goes straight to the shops and local street vendors which ravished in the busy street around the stadium.

Another great factor for the world cup Brazil can be happy about during the whole confederations cup there was no incidents involving foreign tourists which answers to people’s questions of the safety of the country. In regards to the demonstrations their answer was Brazil is one of the largest democracies in the world and it’s becoming regular practice that there are huge demonstrations but they are a democratic and healthy phenomenon. Brazil has had an estimated £90 million revenue for the local economy down to this mega-event and it just shows that despite the cost of the world cup it could bring a direct return to the local economy much like that of the confederations cup.

It’s been confirmed Brazil are to host the 2014 world cup starting on June 12th for 32 days, the set up for all the stadium modifications and new stadiums that need to be built are going to put Brazil out of pocket by a fair amount of money initially which is what the protests where about however many are confident Brazil will step up to the mark and make back their initial investment in revenue for the local economy. What are your opinions can Brazil the country already in a fair amount of debt afford to host the FIFA World Cup 2014?