Mobile Phone And Sat Nav Betrayal

Mobile Phone And Sat Nav BetrayalYour mobile phones and sat nav’s may be telling tales on you to the highway agency or so the telegraph reports. It’s not in the way you may think however, it’s not tracking your speed or careless driving its more tracking your movements. A sat-nav gathers information off you for two reasons, its needed firstly to monitor the flow of the traffic so it can then re adjust your route depending on what traffic you face in order to try take detours and avoid the traffic and ultimately get you to your destination much quicker. The second reason is to monitor the amount of traffic flow each day on a particular roads therefor they can very accurately tell when it may be in need to maintenance which may be caused by continual use.

Are there really only two reasons why everything you do gets tracked? A group called the Big Brother Watch a group that campaigns for privacy has said that the scheme raises questions about to what extent of peoples movements are tracked by this sat-nav mobile partnership, they also have said that some movements are tracked without the drivers knowledge. The director of the group Nick Pickles is also annoyed by this issue and claims it’s just another example of how our lives are being monitored at an extremely detailed level, he also expressed worries to what extent the data was being shared or sold for different purposes and on top of which he questioned the sat nav companies, or well more stated that there must be a way that is less intrusive in order to get this essential data.

It’s not only your GPS and sat nav that are tracking you either. There are several elaborate schemes keeping their eyes on you monitoring you constantly, for instance there was a trail in London that involved recycling bins tracing individuals through their smart phones in order to track where they went in regards of shops to target the advertisement on the wheel bins to the owners of the house, how ridiculous! Wi-Fi connect now? Well you may want to think twice before connecting to a hotspot as they can monitor you too by telling what shops you visit, how long for and further data they may need about your whereabouts. Oh yeah I almost forgot, CCTV is everywhere now its hard to even get a moment of privacy.