Facebook reap huge profits from mobile advertising

woman-using-a-mobile-phoneThere was fears that Facebook advertising would be unsuccessful due to the size of mobile screens not suiting well with the adverts on top of the already crammed in Facebook app, its evident these fears have been extinguished. The owners of Facebook have stated that 30% of its total advertising revenue which is at $1.25b, in the first quarter came from mobile devices. The ever expanding Facebook has seen massive increases every year since Mark Zuckerberg founded the company.

Founded as an idea of a social network for a university back in 2004 Facebook has managed to continue and change with the times making massive profits whilst doing so. In just a few short years earning billions of dollars and becoming one of the most used sites on the internet and still continuing to grow. One of their upgrading with the times idea was to include mobile advertising on their largely used Facebook app.

The thought of advertising on mobile devices came after they saw a huge increase of people accessing their website through the use of mobiles and tablets. Along with this rise Facebook also recorded a 8% increase in the use of their site since December. Facebook reap huge profits from mobile advertising of up to $375m in the first quarter however its not all silver lining as Facebook have massively increased its workforce which contributes to a 60% jump in the cost of wages and expenses totaling to $1.1bn in the first quarter.

Many were skeptical about how long Facebook could stay at the top of the game dominating the social media market, when Mark Zuckerberg saw many of its shares and Facebook began to increase their advertising despite this however the firm have kept up with the changing times and adapted more than adequately as it continues to profit.