Do You Carry An Outdated Licence?

Do You Carry An Outdated Licence?Your licence is very important to keep updated, outdated licences can land you in a lot of trouble with the law. It’s revealed however that over two million motorists in the UK are believed to have out of date driving licences and are still regularly driving on the road. When drivers get their licence it’s a very common misconception that this is for life however it does have to in fact be renewed, possibly the reason drivers think this is because of the renewal period being a long ten years.

Maybe you don’t realise the importance of keeping your licence up to date? Well if so then you may after you receive the £1000 fine that you have to pay if you are caught, remember to dig out your licence and do a quick check to avoid a more than inconvenient costly lesson.

Is your licence in date? Look at your licence photo card and you will find that there are a few dates on the front, the date you are looking for is the photo expiry date which is located in section 4b. The process if your licence is outdated is the same as if you have had your licence lost or stolen, it’s a simple matter of sitting in front of a pc and proving you have a passport which need to be issued in the last five years or you can even go in to the post office. The fee of getting a new licence is £20 so for the sake of 10 years and a £1000 fine it’s definitely worth checking.

Another common licence error that can also land you with a £1000 fine is having the wrong address on it, it completely free to change your address although inconvenient it’s definitely worth doing. A further common issue is married women not changing their name on their licence which yes you have guessed again also incurs a £1000 fine, just like everything else, so if you get married remember to change your name on the card.

When they first brought out photo licences in 1998 so if you received your licence then, your most likely well out of date and should certainly be getting a new one as soon as possible. To sum it up make sure you licence is in date in order to not be fined, also make sure it’s in your current name and address which is a completely free service so no excuses.