Local Councils Run Risk

local councils run riskTargeting motorists as a source of income? Absurd, or maybe it’s not. Local councils are risking illegally targeting motorists in order to seek a profit. An online tool/calculator called “You Choose” could be the cause of encouraging these councils to break the law, this tool “You Choose” encourages voters to suggest how the authorities can raise or save money to fill other deficits and it’s a tool that’s available for councils through the country. The councils that use this tool include Cheshire, Chester, Croydon, Hertfordshire, Middlesbrough, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Southampton, Staffordshire Moorlands and Welwyn Hatfield with possible others. Voters are told that in order to raise the amount of income the council’s get they should increase motoring offence charges, expand controlled parking zones, and increase the number of on street pay and displays.
The worst thing is that voters have the chance to approve this suggestion which is deceiving to the council. If approve it may still be illegal to deliberately make money out of motorists which it may well be seen as if the fines go a step too far. Many people are calling for this tool to be removed as it threatens to undermine the public’s trust in their local government, amongst people speculating about the tool motoring experts are also watching on with great suspicion, the situation is a bit of a damned if you do damned if you don’t type thing for the councils. If councils don’t go ahead with the proposed move then they could face not being able to raise enough funds, if they do they will then be hated by the public and also be in trouble with the law.

Many people have been long suspicious that councils use motoring offences to raise money with parking charges rising and this just backs that fact up. It’s a very hard choice for the councils to make as their seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Fines to motorists are to ensure the safety of others and not to make money off of, councils exploiting this as a form of income is met by the disgust of many. The better choice for them is to not go ahead with raising prices and just try counteract the costs in other areas, this isn’t a quick fix like the latter but it’s the sure fire way to get out of trouble with no causalities, so to speak.