Tackling Leeds Bridgewater Place Wind Issue

Tackling Leeds Bridgewater Place Wind IssueA skyscraper nicknamed The Dalek or rather Bridgewater Place is an office and residential building and still holds the title of the tallest building in Yorkshire since 2005 September, the building was said to be cutting edge architecture at the time of its build with many architects working tirelessly on the design. That same design however has caused the building to be under fire for quite some time now and it’s not just because of how it looks, the building is dangerous.

The dangerous skyscraper doesn’t pose the threat in the usual structural ways, the threat that has arisen from this huge building is wind. Wind is known to snap around the building due to its narrow circular front which causes extreme conditions for the road just below, the danger came to limelight when Ed Slaney in March of 2011 was killed because of the building. The 32 story building created winds so strong it lifted a lorry and threw it in the direction of passer-by Ed Slaney who was tragically killed by the incident, a further inquest into the death to establish the full events has taken place on 26th and 27th June 2013 yet we are still awaiting the outcome.

Leeds council has officially blamed the tower for a “number of incidents” since its construction in 2007, the council are tirelessly looking for a solution for the problem and are working with a number of scheme to tackle the issue. A team has been put together in order to get this issue solved before another serious accident can take place. A wind tunnel test proved that the current conditions of the building did not pass the commonly accepted pedestrian comfort or safety criteria making the building a dangerous structure indeed. Leeds city council are preparing to cough up a large amount of cash in order to get it tackled before it gets out of hand.