Best selling cars for 2011….

Reading this post does not surprise me at all – –  Reports confirm the number of sales of new cars purchased in 2011 is down which is understandable given the current financial climate. However the figures are not as low as predicted which means some people are still spending….

UK Sales were down by 4.4%, reports released recently confirm which makes & models were most popular throughout Europe. I have worked in the Car Hire industry all my working life and the good old VW Golf is always very sought after. Booking a compact car could be a Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, some suppliers stock Hyundai’s which means the Hyundai i30 falsl into this group. Some customers are willing to pay a little bit more to ensure they get the VW Golf and not a similar model. I have drove a VW Golf and know why we get these requests as the car is a great drive and you can feel the quality. We have all seen the advert ‘it sounds like a Golf’ this statement is very true. Reason for me mentioning the above, is that VW cars fall into the most popular models purchased last year.

Here we go, these are the best selling cars of 2011:

1 – VW Golf

2 – VW Polo

3 – Ford Fiesta

4 – Vauxhall/Opel Corsa

5 – Vauxhall/Opel Astra

6 – Renault Clio

7 – Ford Focus

8 – Renault Megane

9 – VW Passat

10 – Peugeot 207