Car Hire In Denmark With A Debit Card

Newsh Flash – Car Hire In Denmark With A Debit Card

We have done it again, we have managed to secure a new supplier who accepts to Car Hire In Denmark With A Debit Card.

This is a trusted worldwide brand which means the service will be as good as we have come to expect, and the offers we get will be among the cheapest available.

Denmark debit card car hire conditions

Denmark debit card car hire conditions are easy to be met.Unlike some suppliers in Europe there is no additional surcharge when paying with your debit card. the debit cards accepted are are usual: Visa card and Mastercard. The main conditions about the cards is to have embossed numbers on their front-faces.

You will also be required to leave a security deposit with the supplier of 1500 Kronor held on your debit card. This currently translates to about £170 GBP which again is among the lowest deposits on offer in Europe.

INDIGO CAR HIRE OFFERS IN Denmark also include

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe, known for its high living standards. Along with Faeroe Islands and Greenland it forms the Kingdom of Denmark. Frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world, Denmark is a great place to visit and live. The most popular city in Denmark is Copenhagen thanks to its night-life, festivals, amusement parks and proximity to skiing.

For more information on Car Hire In Denmark, please visit our Car Hire Denmark page.

So if you are planning a trip to Denmark and do not have a credit card then there is no longer any need to panic, contact Indigo via email, online chat or call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 and will arrange your Car Hire In Denmark With A Debit Card.