Car Hire Dublin Airport One Year Driving Experience

Car Hire Dublin Airport One Year Driving ExperienceIreland has always been a tough nut to crack when it comes to young driver car hire, the first layer was having to get them to accept under 25s. We finally managed this but they then pretty much over the whole of Ireland made it so that you have to hold your licence for 8 years, the reason they did this is because they officially had no minimum age however by the time you could get your licence and have the experience you were over 25, not to mention this was also causing problems with older drivers who haven’t held their licence for that long.

Ireland was one of our major locations and we were constantly trying to arrange deals around this “situation” that had arisen. We aimed some of the main airports including, Dublin airport, Belfast airport, Shannon Airport, Knock airport and Cork airport, notice they are all in Republic Of Ireland! The hardest place to get a rental vehicle as a young driver. We held countless meetings and talked to several companies in order to try arrange this and our efforts where finally awarded, it came at Dublin airport.

The offers we managed to arrange where firstly the fact that you could hire if you were above 25 with only a year driving experience, this was rare due to the 8 year rules as mentioned before this also affected the older drivers.

The second offer we managed to arrange was that young drivers from the age of 21 given that they have held their licence for two years can hire with us, which is fantastic!

We are constantly looking for more deals and if you keep up with our blog we will make you aware of all the best ones as they happen, we will still try to be arranging deals for all the other main airports within ROI. If you are interested in taking us up on any of these deals then please contact us at +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us on