Indigo Sponsor the Vega Baja Premier Golf League

The Vega Baja Premier Golf League is the largest and most successful golf league in Spain and we proudly sponsored the annual event match which is played at the end of each season. This year the match was between the VBPGL team and the Almeria league played in Pulpi – Almeria. Showing our support towards the VBPGL team as sponsorship we purchased T-shirts for the team to wear on the day. Golf on the Costa Blanca is very popular with many retired ex-pats. Indigo Car Hire is now Vega Baja’s preferred Car Hire supplier. We have worldwide Car Hire Deals that members take advantage of.

Unfortunately on the day the VBPGL team did not win, only losing out by half a point. Pictures below are of the team in the new shirts.

Well done to everyone that took part.