9 Seater Car Hire

Coming up to a very busy period for everyone, half term is rapidly approaching and many people are franticly trying to book there holidays and cars to go with it, every year when the schools holidays many people travel or take the opportunity to go on a family holiday and are stuck rushing about trying to get everything sorted. Many people with larger families still want to have a great holiday are concerned about hiring a car due to the amount of space needed. This isn’t a problem with Indigo car hire so don’t fear 9 seater car hire is here!!

Spacious with plenty of room to fit 9 people plus  luggage or whatever you may require. Our vehicles on offer are for example the 9 seater Ford-Transit or similar. 5 Doors, air conditioning and a radio make this car as comfortable as an ordinary compact. It’s absolutely perfect vehicle for a large family outing. We offer 9 seater car hire at most locations through out the Uinted Kingdom and other locations all over the world, just making it easier for you. Your holidays shouldn’t have to be affected much by the size of your family.

People do often realise that many car companies offer 9 seater car hire however in peak season they can often be overbooked with people franticly trying to organise holidays in a rush. You don’t want your holiday ruined due to one simple thing so come to Indigo; we can ensure we get you your 9 seater vehicle due to us being able to work with several suppliers to meet your needs.

We have also managed to secure a great deal on 9 seater car hire with no deposit at certain locations around the country saving you the hassle of having to leave a large amount of money frozen on your card for the duration of the rental.

In order to get 9 seater car hire you MUST CALL OR EMAIL our reservation team so we can organise your hire and ensure that you get a 9 seater, we work with over 550 suppliers so we need to suit the best supplier possible to your needs and requirements so it’s important that you call rather than booking straight through the website.