Top 5 USA Hire Cars

Top 5 USA Hire CarsAre you travelling to America? Of course you want to remember it and drive in supreme luxury. Whether you are travelling around the city of New York or passing through route 66 but what will you choose? We have hundreds of different types of cars we can hire out to our customers but we have narrowed it down to a top 5 we think you will like.

#5 – Chrysler Sebring
A line of mid-sized premium vehicles that where sold from 1995-2010 but now are sadly replaced, however the 2010 models are still able to hire for a little while longer, get your hands on one before its two late. The car is a truly beautiful piece of work and very popular at that, it’s a luxury/premium style and is perfect for a casual drive around America in comfort, get this hire today as it’s very quickly snapped up.

#4 – Mercedes SLK
Do I even have to explain why this is 4th? The SLK is an extraordinary piece of work, the compact roadster is fast, sporty, light and short. Get your hand on one of these great cars ranging from 1.8s to 5.5s. We also have these with the option of being convertible so if you love driving on the open road this is definitely one for you. If you’re asking why this isn’t higher in our table, unfortunately it’s because it’s not quite a true American car, its German but it still deserves to be considered as one of the best cars available to hire in the USA.

#3 – Dodge Viper
This was an extremely hard call to put the Dodge Viper in third but I’m afraid it is, take nothing away from the dynamic, iconic and mesmerising Viper. A true car of American history the fifth generation viper is the brand new model or rather the SRT Viper as they have recently renamed it but for the purpose of history let’s keep it Dodge Viper. The 2 door sport coupe has a recognisable design you could spot anywhere, you won’t regret hiring a Viper trust me.

#2 – Chevrolet Corvette
A sports car designed and made by Chevrolet, the seven generations of this classic American car have all been fantastic. The expensive Corvette range is compared to some of the best including the R8 and Porsche 911. You must drive one of these in your life time, it’s fantastic!

#1 – Ford Mustang
You always knew it was going to be the top car, in production since 1964 the Mustang is an American muscle car. The Mustang is by far the most popular hired car in America and rightfully so it’s a true part of America’s history built into one beautiful car also available as a convertible. This is the, and I mean THE perfect car for travelling the US, it speaks volumes and you can hire it through Indigo car hire today!