Debit Card Car Hire! Indigo Save The Day Again..

Debit Card Car HireWe received a call from a lady in Yorkshire yesterday, she sounded desperate and it became apparent that we were her last hope. She had been calling everywhere and then came across Indigo.

After a relative had become ill, she needed to get to France asap but because she only holds a debit card it was almost impossible for her to arrange a hire car in France.

She said she was just about to give up and use public transport but she decided to call us, we were able to arrange a car for her within minutes which meant she would not have to tackle public transport in a foreign country all alone.

She could simply pick up a hire car at Montpellier airport, pay with her debit card and get to her relative as quickly as possible.

She was so grateful over the phone and kept saying ‘Thank You, Thank You’ we had to remind her that she had a flight to catch.

All in a day’s work here at Indigo HQ, we love being able to help where others cant 🙂