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Convertible Car Hire

TOP DOWN, SUN ON YOUR FACE, WIND THROUGH YOUR HAIR-SOUNDS GOOD? -WHY NOT RENT A CONVERTIBLE? There are not many better feelings than those driving a convertible can give you- weather permitting of course!! Although the weather in the UK is not often condusive to…

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Orlando: Not Just Walt Disney World

As soon as we hear the word Orlando, we immediately think of the world famous Walt Disney World, which is what really put Orlando on the global map. However, Orlando has many other attractions for children and adults alike and here at Indigo we have…

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Car Rental Fort Lauderdale Airport With A Debit Card

Fantastic news for those travelling to the USA this summer, especially Florida. We have just secured another supplier that will accept bookings for Car Rental Fort Lauderdale Airport With A Debit Card. This is big news as they are the only supplier that we deal…

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Best US Destinations

The USA is a massive place and there are many sites to see within each state, with each city being extremely unique. Are you planning a holiday but can’t decide where to go? Well here are our Best US Destinations. Las Vegas, Nevada I’m pretty…

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The Ford Mustang Convertible

We can always tell when its approaching summer time and universities breaking up because we get an influx of one particular type of enquiry. The title of this blog may have given the game away.. So far this week we have had a handful of…

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