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Car Hire In Spain This Summer

The phrase ‘Car Hire in Spain‘ has recently had a lot of tabloid space and social interaction and for the most part, for very good reason. When you are not sure what to look for it can be a bit of a minefield when booking…

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Convertible Car Hire

TOP DOWN, SUN ON YOUR FACE, WIND THROUGH YOUR HAIR-SOUNDS GOOD? -WHY NOT RENT A CONVERTIBLE? There are not many better feelings than those driving a convertible can give you- weather permitting of course!! Although the weather in the UK is not often condusive to…

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Paying With A Business Debit Card

There are many locations across the globe where we have managed to arrange a deal that will allow us to take a debit card given that it meets certain restrictions. We have announced this several times before but one of the major difficulties when it…

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Why is the deposit so high on rental cars in Spain?

This is a question that pops up quite regularly from potential customers that have used other providers in the past. Most car hire suppliers take a deposit before you drive away in their vehicle and for good reason, they are trusting the hirer with a…

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Fuel Policies In Spain Are Changing

There has been a lot of media attention on car hire in recent years, most notably on fuel policies in Spain and how people feel ripped off when having to pay for a full tank of fuel when they collect their car and are asked…

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