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Minibus Hire Leeds, UK

Indigo Car Hire is proud to announce that we have currently brokered a new deal with one of our suppliers which allows the use of minibuses. You can now get your minibus hire Leeds with Indigo Car Hire today with ease.

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Payment Methods Of The Future

A New Credit card with an LCD Screen and built in keyboard has been launched in Singapore by MasterCard. This is a new design of card designed to replace the separate device (card reader) which is generally required for logging into internet banking. It offers…

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Immobiliser Device Linked To Car Finance Payments

A new system is in place whereby vehicles that are purchased on finance can be disabled automatically if motorists miss any payments. This comes from a company in the US called Prompt Pay which offer a keypad operated immobiliser. The way the immobiliser system works…

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Insurance Companies Forced Into Gender Equality

Women are being urged to check their insurance policies before the new ruling comes into force next month which will ban firms quoting prices based on gender. Insurance companies have been very forceful in trying to prevent this change for the past few years however…

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Capacity Issues At Heathrow Airport

With London being a thriving centre for the world’s trade and business sectors, arriving and departing by plane for meetings and business deals is often imperative to ensure that you arrive on time and you seal that lucrative deal. Many of the airports in London…

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