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Car Hire Out Of Hours

When you are looking to get your rental vehicle you may find that you are arriving on a late flight or you want to return to a city location out of normal office hours then you may find that many rental companies do not offer…

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Excess Reimbursement cover

Indigo can now offer excess reimbursement cover through the use of a 3rd party excess policy. Car hire companies when you go to hire a car offer you the chance majority of the time to reduce your excess down to zero meaning in the unlikely…

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Debit card car hire Italy

We now offer debit card car hire Italy in several locations throughout the country. We answered the distressed call for help from our suffering customers whether they are Italian locals or holiday makers then car hire is still available there through us with the use…

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Excess Reimbursement Insurance Policy

Often when you hire a vehicle you are left stumped with a huge excess amount which is what your liability in the event that the vehicle is damaged. Nobody wants to be left with a huge bill for repair of a vehicle when they have…

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Debit Card Car Hire Malaga Airport

Malaga airport is the fourth busiest airport in Spain falling just short of Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca airports. The reason it’s the fourth busiest airport in Spain is it’s the only international airport to serve Costa Del Sol and its close to the…

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