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Dangers Of Driving A Car Abroad

In the next three months it’s predicted that 33% increase of Brits plan on taking their car abroad according to new research. This can pose certain dangers to drivers with many unintentionally breaking the rules of the road in the country they are driving within….

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Royal Baby Boom

As the UK prepares for a little royal to arrive so do the airports and airlines. In anticipation of the Royal baby flight bookings to London have increased by 17% and hotel bookings see a 13% increase, in the weeks surrounding the birth the UK…

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160mph Man Caught

It was reported in Northern France that a man in a company car an Audi R8 was travelling on the A28 Motorway at 160 mph. The daily mail website reports that the driver was a British man who works in the London area and the…

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France Air Traffic Controllers Strike

A strike by air traffic controllers in France has caused several of cancellations, originally the strike was meant to last for 3 days from Tuesday the 11th June to Thursday the 13th June but its not only going to last for two from the Tuesday…

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Top 10 Worlds Most Expensive Cities

The cost of living is on a constant rise with almost everything being hiked up in price but what are the top 10 most expensive cities in the world? The cities you should possibly avoid on your holiday if you want to save a bit…

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