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Diesel Car Hire France

When hiring a car you will often find that when you want to hire a diesel it can be quite problematic. The reason for this is, given the choice everyone wants a diesel as they are often slightly cheaper to run, this presents an issue…

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Cross Border Hires

With the ski season approaching we have had a number of enquiries about hiring a car cross border from Spain to Andorra, the reason for the increase in enquiries is the lack of flights into Andorra itself. So those that cannot arrange direct flights are…

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Car Hire Europe Without Credit Card

Hiring a car anywhere in the world without a credit card can sometimes seem like a mammoth task. Majority of all car hire companies only accepted credit cards as it’s the easiest form of payment, the same goes for the large majority of the companies…

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Top 5 Ski Locations In Europe

Skiing and snowboarding are part of a ski holiday in Europe nowadays. The rest of the holiday is made of snow covered mountain chalets, Alpine food, mulled wine, and the famous Après ski, the after party & Night life. Below is a list of the…

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Hire a Car With a Conviction In France

Many people who drive vehicles will often find themselves left stuck and unable to collect a hire car because you may have been caught out and got a conviction on your licence whether it be an IN10, DR10 or CD10. Well I can confirm that…

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