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How Specific Can I Be When Choosing My Hire Car?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is, How Specific Can I Be When Choosing My Hire Car? When booking a hire car people often want a specific make, model, colour, fuel type, transmission and engine size. These often can’t be booked specifically…

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Winter Driving, Coping with Cold Snow and Ice

You should always take great care and attention when driving your vehicle but when it comes to the winter months, extra care and preparation is required in order for you to keep safe on the highway and avoid any breakdowns or accidents. Breakdowns are much…

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Motorway Driving Tips

Great news. The Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed potentially life saving motorway driving tips for driving on the motorway in the dark. This, I suspect, is for two reasons. Firstly, motorists tend to have no more than eight hours of daylight in the winter…

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Winter Driving Tips

As we enter December and with the inevitability of bad weather just around the corner its important to take the relevant precautions when driving. Therefore our car hire experts prepared a list with Winter Driving Tips. It is reported that the number of breakdowns actually…

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Britain’s Most Picturesque Road Is The Most Dangerous

The A537 was revealed to be one of the the most high risk roads in the UK. Many of us can take driving on the main roads for granted, however many of the roads which seem so peaceful can turn out to be some of…

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