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Rent A Car, Save The Enviroment

When renting a car you could be doing your bit for the environment or at least research seems to suggest so. When people come to hire cars it promotes more sustainable travel habits, its claimed that renting enables people to own fewer cars or just…

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Spanish Car Rental Companies Fuel Policies

When you are looking for a car hire in Spain it can often be tricky when you are looking at the terms of the rental to establish what the terms and conditions are. One of the most popular question that is asked about is about…

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Customers Confused Over Charges For Car Hire

The consumer association Which? Has said that car rental companies are often not declaring all charges clearly often leaving people with a bad taste for car rental companies and often being left stumped with “sneaky charges”. Researchers from Which? Examined the websites of 10 companies…

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Why Do Car Hire Prices Change?

The cost of car hire often fluctuates, it can be at an extremely high price one week and the next be down to as much as a couple of pounds a day. This often frustrates people, but why does it happen why do car hire…

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Young Driver Car Hire Ireland

When you travel abroad there is different age restrictions for different places, but people often think because Ireland is so close it shouldn’t be an issue and the rules should be the same. That’s incorrect the rules are very different to those within England so…

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