Zero Excess

zero excessDo I really need zero excess? People often aren’t sure whether they should go for zero excess or not. I’m not going to give you an answer whether you should or not all I am going to try do is educate your decision, with making sure you know all your possible options and the positives and negatives of taking zero excess.

If you decide against taking zero excess and god forbid get into an accident and cause damage to the hire car the excess can typically be between £500 and £2000 which may seem quite extreme, however accidents happen and it may not be your fault but you will still have to pay out in order to cover for the car. The charges for zero excess depend on the supplier between £5-12 depending on the supplier you go with. We will try finding you the best possible supplier in order to get the best deal (if you decide upon going for zero excess).

It may straight away seem like that’s the best deal to avoid an accident with only the low price of around £5-12 a day, it doesn’t seem a lot right? But some suppliers such as Avis only reduce your liability to £100 so even if you crash you still have to pay out even if you’ve already paid for your zero excess, or some even cost extra on top of the zero excess fee to reduce your liability down to zero.

Its your choice when deciding if you are going for zero excess as some drivers prefer to as you can be the most careful driver in the world yet still be in a crash due to a fellow motorists, or on the other hand you could try your luck and avoid paying it and hope for the best. Despite all this my personal opinion is that you should pay the extra for the zero excess as you never know when you are going to get in a crash.

At indigo we may be able to organise you a deal depending on the supplier to lower the amount you pay for your zero excess daily fee and also the liability if you do happen to get in an accident. You MUST CALL OR EMAIL the team in order to get the best deal tailored towards you as we work with over 550 suppliers worldwide.