Young Driver Car Hire Ireland

Young Driver Car Hire IrelandWhen you travel abroad there is different age restrictions for different places, but people often think because Ireland is so close it shouldn’t be an issue and the rules should be the same. That’s incorrect the rules are very different to those within England so always make sure to check. Its especially different when it comes to young driver car hire Ireland.

Ireland is a lot stricter than most locations and they have tighter rules on young driver car hire. According to certain companies there isn’t a minimum or maximum age restriction to hire a car in Ireland however if you read the small print you may be extremely surprised to find that in Ireland in order to hire an ordinary small car you must have held your driving license for 8 years, this means in order to meet the typical age of 25 that most car companies require you must of passed your test when you were 17, which most people don’t do they wait till later due to this most people that can eligibly rent a car in Ireland from selected suppliers have to be a few years over 25 so really there is a minimum age if you read deeper into it.

On top of these already harsh restrictions you further more in order to hire a luxury car or a 4×4 you must have held your license for 12 years and 10 years if you wish to hire a people carrier. These restrictions however are only through selected companies and if you call us directly you may be able to hire a car in Ireland as a young driver. These age restrictions may come as a shock to you and it should serve as a reminder to always look at the small print when coming to do anything such as this.
If you wish to arrange young driver car hire in Ireland then you MUST CALL OR EMAIL us directly as you can see only certain suppliers accept certain terms when it comes to young drivers and we work with a web of over 550 suppliers worldwide.