Front Wheel Drive Car Hire

Continuing on from our posts about hiring a car in winter, we have been asked what’s the next best thing if you don’t have or cannot hire a 4×4. Well if you have a choice between front wheel drive and rear whel drive there is only one smart option.

Front wheel drive is the better option when it comes to driving in winter, ask anyone you know who has a rear wheel drive BMW or other sporty car. The reason being that, front wheel drive cars only send power to the front weels, and as most of the weight of that car is over the front there is more traction as those wheels are being pushed in to the road.

front wheel drive car hire Rear wheel drive vehicles are the opposite and these are the vehicles that you tend so see abandoned at the side of the road with the first site of snow or ice with the owners probably walking to work or the nearest car hire company looking for a 4×4 or front wheel drive car hire.

I wont bore you all with the science of it but this is the general response from people when asked or from the research I have done online recently, if you do not have a 4×4 or connot get one then front wheel drive vehicles are the next best thing.

Obviously driving in snow and ice should be kept to a minimum, but if you must venture out then you need to ensure your car is equipped for the journey. See here for another blog we have written on winter driving.

Front Wheel Drive Car Hire

Rental vehicles tend to be front wheel drive, as it tends to be the cheaper option when buying or leasing them so they are popular with the suppliers. When making your booking it is difficult for your supplier or broker to tell you exactly what vehicle will be supplied as fleet changes happen quite often.

A general rule of thumb is, unless you specifically request a 4×4 or sports car then you will probably be supplied a front wheel drive car. We deal with many suppliers and know from past experience that winter is the busiest period for 4×4 hire vehicles, so if you find yourself stuck and in need of a hire car then front wheel drive car hire is the better option for you.

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