Debit Card Car Hire! Indigo to the rescue……

Debit Card Car HireFive minutes before we were scheduled to close for the evening we received a call from a gentleman in a real panic. He’d arrived into Rome Fiumicino Airport and after a long flight attempted to collect a vehicle he had booked online with a supplier that will remain nameless.

Unfortunately they’d refused to hire to him because he’d arrived with only a debit card. After a few attempts to transfer funds and pay over the phone he was stuck without a car.

Needing to get over 100 miles to his destination for a very important meeting the following morning the driver’s wife frantically searched the Internet and found Indigo Car Hire. She called and asked if we could help. Within 15 minutes we had found a vehicle, booked the driver with our supplier and he was at the desk doing his paperwork.

Needless to say the driver was extremely happy, very thankful and relieved to finally be on his way. The importance of his meetings we very clear as they were the sole reason he had flown to Rome.

We really pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and helping to the best of our ability. Getting this particular driver on the road really gave us a sense of achievement knowing we’d yet again been able to help when others simply couldn’t.

It’s important to note that many suppliers in Italy won’t hire a car with a debit card but luckily here at Indigo we’ve secured a supplier that will do just that. Debit Card car hire is a rare request, but we at Indigo are one of the only companies that can help.