10 Top Tips For Hiring A Car Abroad

Are you planning on renting a car the next time you go on holiday or a work trip? Here are our 10 Top Tips For Hiring A Car Abroad, follow these and it will ensure that you have a smooth rental with no hidden surprises.

1) When booking your car hire always ask if the price is fully inclusive. Is there any additional charges that will be added when you collect the car? Example additional insurance, fuel charges.

2) Always ask what the insurance excess amount is, this is the amount you have to pay in the event the car is damaged. This can range from £0 to £2000.00 depending on which car hire supplier you book with.

3) Ask if you have the option to reduce the insurance excess, and what the daily cost to do this is. Bear in mind most companies will give you a daily fee but remember they may be quoting you a cost before VAT or any local tax is added to make the cost sound cheaper. There are other options to protect yourself against high excesses, contact us for more information.

4) Make sure you fully understand the procedure of how to collect the car as some companies that offer car hire at the airport are not always based inside the terminal building. You may have to call a telephone number on arrival or meet in a certain area at the airport.

5) Make sure you know exactly what identification you need to have with you, if you have a UK Driving Licence you must have both parts, the counterpart and the photo card.

6) Always ask how much deposit will be taken when you arrive, as this can range between £100 and £1500. Any if you do not have the available funds on your credit or debit card the car hire company will not supply the car to you.

7) When collecting the car, make sure you read the rental agreement and any other paperwork you are signing and make sure the amount you are signing for is the amount you were quoted. Make sure no additional extras have been added without your consent as once you have signed the agreement you have agreed to any charges listed.

8) Make sure you have a good walk around the car and ensure any existing damage is mentioned in the paperwork. If this is not go back to the supplier and get the damage details added. You may be held responsible for the damage when you return the vehicle if the supplier is not made aware.

9) Make sure the fuel level is as agreed before driving away. And make sure you understand what type and how much fuel should be in the car when you return.

10) When returning the car, make sure you get a staff member to check the car and agree there is no new damage so you can leave knowing that no damage charges will be added.

At Indigo Car Hire we work with hundreds of different Car Hire suppliers around the world and we always like to make sure our customers get the best possible customer service. By following the above 10 Top Tips For Hiring A Car Abroad you can rest assured you will have a pleasant experience when you next hire a car with any supplier.

If you are looking to hire a car or would like more information then please contact one of our experts, call our reservations office on +44 (0)113 880 0748, chat with us online or email us on sales@indigocarhire.co.uk.