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Car Hire With Amex Card

Car Hire With Amex Card

Car Hire With AmEx Card

There are several restrictions in the world of car rental in regards to payment options and various different things. Cash is majority of the time not accepted, debit cards are confusing in terms that they are only accepted in some locations and the most common form which are credit cards most people don’t like using or just don’t have. An American Express card or also commonly known as the AmEx card is a credit card however in some locations it is not accepted by some rental companies, Don’t worry however when you call Indigo Car Hire we will ensure that your payment method is accepted at your desired location.

The usual terms in order to have your AmEx card accepted in general are that the card must be in the same name as the driver and it needs to have enough money on it to pay for the deposit and the rental. There are issues with each of these however…

Same Name As Driver
The issue with this restriction is that when you get a quote using our online booking engine you can pay with it from whoevers credit card you want, however when you arrive at the car hire desk you will find that they will request the credit card you made the payment with is shown to be matching the drivers identification and if it isn’t then you won’t be able to drive away with the car.

The Deposit
This is generally an issue due to the enormity of it, the deposit on top of the rental and the cost of your holiday can be a large amount to take off your card at any one time. We have a great solution to this however, in several locations within the UK and worldwide we can offer car hire without a deposit which can be beneficial for people who are wanting to hire and still have a lot to spend on their holiday.

However to get these work arounds and “deals” we request that you please call us directly so that you avoid booking online as we can’t monitor that you will have the correct name on the card or get one of our suppliers where we can get no deposit. To contact us call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us on

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